Siding Replacement in Vancouver: Hiring the Right Team for the Job

Seeking Siding Replacement in Vancouver, or the surrounding communities, for your strata property? Hiring the right team for such a job can mean the difference in cost, results, time commitment and longevity. As a siding removal and replacement company, Kallio Restoration has been helping strata properties manage their structures for nearly 2-decades. In fact, as mentioned on our About page, it was the leaky condo crisis that had Kallio’s owner – Mika, move into the industry. “In 2005, amidst BC’s ‘leaky condo crisis’, Mika transitioned into building envelope restoration and began working as a carpenter. Mika soon realized the critical importance

Minimize Your Electricity Costs: Window & Door Replacement in the Fraser Valley

With the rising cost of living, minimizing electricity costs – or any expenses for that matter, is important to British Columbians. Which is where Kallio Restoration comes in to help with Window and Door Replacement in the Fraser Valley and the surrounding communities. As mentioned on our Window & Door Replacement page… Long lasting partnerships with key reputable suppliers allow us to offer the right solution for every project. All installations are completed to an engineered standard to ensure that the building envelope is protected against moisture ingress. Window & Door Replacement in the Fraser Valley Replacing windows and/or doors

Why Building Membrane Maintenance in the Lower Mainland Matters

Strata property managers are regularly put to the task of ensuring the sound structural integrity of the buildings they oversee. Whether out in the Fraser Valley or nestled in the heart of downtown Vancouver; building membrane maintenance in the Lower Mainland matters for a host of reasons – and Kallio Restoration would like to tell you why. The Importance of Hiring a Building Envelope Consultant As mentioned in our blog post ‘The Importance of Hiring a Building Envelope Consultant in Metro Vancouver’… The importance of hiring a building envelope consultant in Metro Vancouver seems to grow year upon year. Whether

Deck Restorations in Vancouver: The Importance of Safety Maintenance

Deck restorations in Vancouver, and across the Lower Mainland, are an important measure to take for strata properties and solitary businesses alike. Whether your strata oversees condo or townhouse developments, or your business structure contains multiple balconies; keeping the surface, railings, doorways and overall extended structure safe – is paramount. Deck Restorations in Vancouver As discussed on our services page, Kallio provides targeted repairs beyond deck restorations that include: Siding replacement Metal flashing Roofing Membranes Windows Doors Railings And, of course, deck restoration Keeping all of these areas in check will help to maintain the overall investment, as well as

Building a Sustainable Future: Strata Siding Replacement in the Lower Mainland

Kallio Restoration is a building envelope restoration contractor servicing Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. We specialize in Strata Siding Replacement in the Lower Mainland, along with exterior restoration, repair and maintenance of multi-family strata units.  We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of a strata structure. We are here to help ensure that happens, providing a positive return for future investors within the property, and those who currently call each space home. Strata Siding Replacement in the Lower Mainland – Sustain Your Future Sustaining a building’s structural integrity was a difficult lesson to learn in the era of leaky

Why Hiring a Building Envelope Consultant in Metro Vancouver Should be Considered

The importance of hiring a building envelope consultant in Metro Vancouver seems to grow year upon year. Whether to better protect against, or prepare for, natural disasters. Or perhaps even the increase of insurance requirements; strata building owners seek out building envelope consultants for many solution-driven and preventative measures, as Kallio Restoration is here to provide that for them. Building Envelope Consultant in Metro Vancouver: Complete Building Envelope Restoration As a building envelope consultant in Metro Vancouver and across the Fraser Valley, Kallio provides complete building restoration services. We work with our engineering partners to manage and complete the restoration

Prioritizing Building Envelope Maintenance to Minimize the Impact of Natural Disasters

Prioritizing your building envelope maintenance plays an important role in minimizing the impact of natural disasters. And with the recent floods across BC, having your business or strata property inspected for structural damage is an important measure to take to ensure all is well. Building Envelope Maintenance In the Lower Mainland Kallio Restoration has been providing building envelope maintenance and repairs to our Lower Mainland community for years. We are here to assist them in deciding what work is required and how it will be implemented.  Prepare Your Building Envelope for When Natural Disasters Happen It seems to no longer

Avoiding the Impact of Delayed Maintenance and Renewals on Buildings

Understanding that there is an impact of delayed maintenance and renewals of building is important. Not only for unexpected expense reasons, but also for safety as well. Keeping up with strata maintenance and renewals will better ensure a building will house the occupants comfortably without the stress and financial burden of emergency repairs. Choosing what maintenance is needed and how it will be implemented, who will oversee the project and how it will be paid for, is all part of the renewal plan process. One that Kallio Restoration is here to help our customers maintain through a variety of services.

Building Envelope Consultants: Why Maintenance Matters

As building envelope consultants in Vancouver and across the Lower Mainland, Kallio Restoration understands why maintenance matters. From strata owned condos to single-family homes, business buildings to residential townhomes, keeping your investment in optimal shape saves homeowners time, money and unexpected emergency repairs. Building Envelope Consultants: What Maintenance to Consider Understanding what maintenance to be on the lookout for can be overwhelming. However, these types of things can be effectively assessed by a building envelope consultant, who are there to make sure potential concerns are addressed. Water leak prevention is often one such concern that rises to the top of

Deck Remediation for Your Strata Property in Langley: Questions to Ask

Overseeing a strata property comes with a variety of due diligence, and managing your deck remediation for your strata property in Langley is one area that requires due diligence. Has your strata counsel has ever asked the question: “can deck remediation save you from rebuilding a deck?”. We can answer that. With the ever-changing dynamics of structural repairs and maintenance, a professional that is well-versed in such projects can truly lighten the load. Whether helping to answer the following questions, or taking on the job itself, our teams is ready to help. Questions to Ask Re: Deck Remediation for Your