Why Hiring a Building Envelope Consultant in Metro Vancouver Should be Considered

The importance of hiring a building envelope consultant in Metro Vancouver seems to grow year upon year.

Whether to better protect against, or prepare for, natural disasters. Or perhaps even the increase of insurance requirements; strata building owners seek out building envelope consultants for many solution-driven and preventative measures, as Kallio Restoration is here to provide that for them.

Building Envelope Consultant in Metro Vancouver: Complete Building Envelope Restoration

As a building envelope consultant in Metro Vancouver and across the Fraser Valley, Kallio provides complete building restoration services. We work with our engineering partners to manage and complete the restoration of building envelopes to current BC Building Code standards.

We understand that product selection and design input is key to creating a project that adds the most value to your investment. As well, we specialize in areas such as:

  • Exterior Restorations
  • Exterior Repairs
  • Maintenance of Multi-Family Strata Units

Assessments & Reporting Through Building Envelope Consultants

Employing a building envelope consultant means you will be able to receive assessments and reporting for your structure as needed. As mentioned on our Services Page

From leak investigations to envelope condition assessments, it’s important to know the cause of the envelope failure before offering the appropriate solution.

Kallio Restoration

Extending the life of an aging development requires endless considerations for a sustainable building envelope. A building envelope consultant is the go-between, helping to manage two sides of the same problem; financial considerations and safety measures. That, while also keeping the investment of the owners within the strata property in mind.

Not all “best interests” are created equal, so having an impartial party to assess and maintain building envelope issues counts for a lot. Including various factors such as:

  • Understanding that the building envelope is a critical barrier from the natural elements, while also being broken down by the same elements
  • Knowing that the envelope performance, assessments and investigation are all imperative to uncovering what testing is required where. As well as determining the course of action for remedial design, replacement or rehabilitation.

Building a sustainable future matters to world leaders, businesses and individuals alike. As a Building Envelope Consultant in Metro Vancouver – we are here to help with sustainability, keeping safety at the forefront of our mission, while also aiming to help protect properties from undo disasters.

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