Building Envelope Consultants: Why Maintenance Matters

As building envelope consultants in Vancouver and across the Lower Mainland, Kallio Restoration understands why maintenance matters. From strata owned condos to single-family homes, business buildings to residential townhomes, keeping your investment in optimal shape saves homeowners time, money and unexpected emergency repairs.

Building Envelope Consultants: What Maintenance to Consider

Understanding what maintenance to be on the lookout for can be overwhelming. However, these types of things can be effectively assessed by a building envelope consultant, who are there to make sure potential concerns are addressed.

Water leak prevention is often one such concern that rises to the top of the list for maintenance. It is paramount that your strata property undergo water leak prevention precautions in Vancouver – especially due to the wet climate of the Lower Mainland.

We have all heard of the difficulties that ‘leaky condos’ created back in the early 2000s and beyond. So not being a part of that dynamic requires building envelope consultants to inspect your structure while providing maintenance as required.

Additional Maintenance to Consider:

  • Roof Maintenance
  • Addressing Condensation Concerns
  • Window & Door Replacement
  • Membrane Replacement and Deck Repairs
  • Cladding Replacement
  • Sealants
  • Rot Repair

As well as maintenance such as siding replacement, metal flashing and railing repairs.

At Kallio Restoration, we offer building envelope consultants throughout Richmond, Burnaby, North Vancouver and across and Metro Vancouver with services that include:

  • Building envelope restoration
  • Building envelope engineers
  • Stucco replacement
  • Moisture ingress
  • Membrane checks
  • Leak investigation
  • Rainscreen protection
  • Exterior restoration
  • Strata repairs
  • Strata restoration
  • Property maintenance
  • Building envelope condition assessment

Most major condominium repairs are required because of building envelope failure. This Four-Step Approach to Managing a Major Repair tip sheet walks you through the four main stages of repairs. This includes problem assessment, solution development, repair implementation and ongoing maintenance.

In need of Building Envelope Consultants? Contact us for a free quote or to inquire about our additional services. We look forward to continuing to serve our community, helping your strata to maintain thoughtful considerations for the homeowners therein.

Feel free to visit the BC Housing website to view the Maintenance Matters guides and select videos or download this helpful guide ‘’.