Avoiding the Impact of Delayed Maintenance and Renewals on Buildings

Understanding that there is an impact of delayed maintenance and renewals of building is important. Not only for unexpected expense reasons, but also for safety as well.

Keeping up with strata maintenance and renewals will better ensure a building will house the occupants comfortably without the stress and financial burden of emergency repairs.

Choosing what maintenance is needed and how it will be implemented, who will oversee the project and how it will be paid for, is all part of the renewal plan process. One that Kallio Restoration is here to help our customers maintain through a variety of services.

The Importance of Cladding Replacement Maintenance

Your strata building’s cladding consists of various materials – including:

  • Stucco
  • Fibre Cement (Hardie, Allura)
  • Sheet Metal
  • Vinyl siding
  • Cedar

Keeping your siding in good standing will help to prevent leaks, rot, mold – among other concerns. All of which a maintenance and renewals plan can address.

Building Envelope Assessment & Reporting

From leak investigations to envelope condition assessments, it’s important to know the cause of the envelope failure before offering the appropriate solution. Kallio Restoration  delivers building envelope assessments and reporting across the Lower Mainland, helping strata properties stay on top of building maintenance before it becomes a concern.

Maintenance and Renewals on Buildings – Rot Repair

Structural repairs from moisture ingress can vary from slightly deteriorated plywood to completely failed posts and beams. Our crews are experienced at safely restoring the structure of your building. Structural engineering partners are on-call for review and reporting of repairs.

Kallio Restoration understands the Impact of Delayed Maintenance and Renewals on Buildings. We are here to take care of the details for strata owners

As stated on our about page

We spend a lot of time considering our installation methods, product selection, and existing conditions before we begin any project. 

We are a friendly and transparent team who get to know residents by name. We believe that the most successful projects are completed as a team effort between all stakeholders – contractor, engineers, strata council, and residents. 

Avoid undue care – as once seen in the leaky condo crisis – causing condo owners a lot of time and money to repair what could have been prevented. We’re here to help Avoid the Impact of Delayed Maintenance and Renewals on Buildings – and happy to do so.