Deck Remediation for Your Strata Property in Langley: Questions to Ask

Overseeing a strata property comes with a variety of due diligence, and managing your deck remediation for your strata property in Langley is one area that requires due diligence.

Has your strata counsel has ever asked the question: “can deck remediation save you from rebuilding a deck?”. We can answer that.

With the ever-changing dynamics of structural repairs and maintenance, a professional that is well-versed in such projects can truly lighten the load. Whether helping to answer the following questions, or taking on the job itself, our teams is ready to help.

Questions to Ask Re: Deck Remediation for Your Strata Property in Langley

Do Your Building’s Decks Meet BC Building Codes?

As stated by the British Columbia Government,

“…a building or structure has to meet the code requirements that are in force when the building is being built. Over time the building codes change, but you don’t have to keep changing the building or structure to meet updated codes.”

Of course there are a handful of exceptions, which include both changes and repairs to the deck.

Just keep in mind that any changes will have to adhere to BC building codes as well. These are always best managed by professionals to avoid any costly missteps.

What Type of Repairs Do the Decks on Your Strata Property Require?

In the Lower Mainland, we see a variety of needs surrounding strata property deck remediation. These range from rot repairs all the way down to general deck repairs due to wear and tear.

Understanding what type of deck repairs are needed can be quickly assessed by a professional. However, the aforementioned are the most common.

Structural repairs from moisture ingress can vary from slightly deteriorated plywood to completely failed posts and beams. Our crews are experienced at safely restoring the structure of your building. Structural engineering partners are on-call for review and reporting of repairs.

Looking for a local company qualified to assess your strata building? Kallio Restoration offers…

–       Window & Door Replacement

–       Building Envelope Assessment & Reporting

–       Cladding Replacement

–       Complete Building Envelope Restoration

Seeking additional ways to better manage your strata property maintenance? This article offers some helpful tips. Or, we would be happy to provide you with answers. We offer assessments or repairs in Richmond, Burnaby, Vancouver, Langley, Surrey, White Rock and across Metro Vancouver.