BC Building Concerns: How to Address Condensation in Your Building

If you live in the Lower Mainland, you are well aware of the wet climate that sees us through season after season. From Vancouver to Langley and every community surrounding these municipalities, the rainfall is plentiful and, at times, pesky – especially for those concerned with the impact of condensation and building rot.

If you manage an older building, condensation can be a common issue caused by thermally inefficient windows. Although newer buildings can also have a poorly built building envelope or humidity issues due to venting.

Knowing where the condensation is coming from will be half the battle, and knowing how to address condensation in your building will be a vital factor in reducing the cost associated with condensation related issues.

Where Does Condensation Come From?

Moist air is a common culprit for condensation. When moist air comes in contact with lower temperatures, it causes humidity leading to condensation. Over time, condensation inside your space can lead to interior and structural damage. Both drywall and wood can absorb the moisture and end up rotting, making your living environment unsafe.

Left unaddressed, condensation can lead to:

  • Drywall Rot
  • Wood Decay
  • Steel Framing Corrosion
  • Insulation Damage
  • Mould and Mildew

Targeted Repairs to Address Condensation Damage

Kallio Restoration can provide targeted repairs to address any condensation damage to your building. This includes siding replacement due exterior moisture issues, deck restoration, metal flashing, roofing, railings, membranes, as well as window and door replacements.

Rot Repair to Address Condensation Damage

We also provide structural repairs due to rot in Richmond, Burnaby, Vancouver, Langley, Surrey, White Rock and across Metro Vancouver.

Moisture ingress can vary from slightly deteriorated plywood to completely failed posts and beams, and we have the experience necessary to safely restore the structure of your building.

As building envelope specialists in the Lower Mainland, we have seen the damage condensation can do inside a condo, and the destruction relentless wet weather can also have. We work in concert with the building envelope system, conducting air leakage tests and thermal reporting to ensure we uncover the root cause of any rot inside or outside a building, getting to the root of the cause and providing lasting solutions.

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