Window & Door Replacements: Save on Energy Costs + Utilize Energy Rebates in 2021

Seeking to save on energy costs plus utilize energy rebates in 2021? Window & Door Replacements in Richmond, Burnaby, Vancouver, Langley, Surrey and White Rock are an excellent way to manage this.

Right now there are a variety of BC Hydro Rebates up to $2000, which can help you offset the cost of replacing your windows and doors. In an effort to continue to build upon energy efficiency in BC, along with reducing greenhouse gas emissions, this provincial rebate program* can help homeowners save and conserve energy simultaneously.

*Eligibility requirements include having a BC Hydro or FortisBC residential account and the home must be a year-round, residential dwelling. These homes must be single-family detached, duplexes, row homes, townhouses or mobile homes on a permanent foundation. All homes must have a minimum of 12 months of utility billing history and have their own gas and/or electricity meter.

Window & Door Replacements in the Lower Mainland

Within the climate that we have here on the west coast of BC, window and door replacements play a key role in keeping your home an energy efficient space.

As mentioned on our services page: Renovating the windows and exterior doors in your home will help you prevent drafts and save energy. Energy-efficient windows and doors are built to insulate better, equipped with a range of features that help prevent heat loss in the winter, and heat gain in the summer.

Keep in mind, that while window and door replacements are an excellent start to an energy efficient 2021, it is also important to treat the building envelope as a complete system. Otherwise, new windows installed poorly could damage other components.

The Importance of Complete Building Envelope Restoration

At Kallio Restoration, we work with engineers to manage the restoration of your building envelope. We ensure it is up to current BC Building Code standards, collaborating with homeowners on the appropriate design elements. This helps to maintain the investment in accordance with the end-result for a home or Strata property.

From leak investigations to envelope condition assessments, it’s important to know the cause of an envelope failure or energy loss-points before offering the appropriate solution. Which is exactly what we help you uncover at Kallio Restoration, creating lasting relationships while providing unparalleled service.

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