The Importance of Hiring a BC Housing Envelope Renovator in the Lower Mainland

Building envelope restoration and building envelope science is particularly unique to the wet, coastal climates of southwestern BC. This niche in the construction industry emerged from the ‘leaky-condo’ crisis of the late 90’s to early 2000’s. Architects, engineers, and contractors needed to re-learn how a building envelope had to be designed and constructed to perform in our region.

BC Housing/HPO Building Envelope renovators specialize in the restoration and repair of building envelope components. This includes siding and stucco, windows and doors, balconies, membranes, roofing, railings, flashings, rot repair – and more. Licensing and 3rd party home warranties can only be obtained by contractors with a high level of expertise in this field.

Understanding the Importance of Licensed Building Envelope Renovators

Licensed Building Envelope Renovators have the expertise to treat the envelope as a complete system, integrating each component. As improper design and workmanship continues to cost Strata Owners, hiring a contractor that can repair a building properly is vital to protecting your investment.

At Kallio Restoration, we are proud to offer our Building Envelope Restoration Services in Richmond, Burnaby, Vancouver, Langley, Surrey, White Rock. We specialize in exterior restorations, repairs and maintenance of multi-family Strata units.

Kallio Restoration brings experienced professionals to all our Building Envelope Renovations in BC, helping Strata’s to detect problems before increased damage occurs.

How We Help Strata Councils Assess Building Damage in BC

Strata councils often seek out our help to assess Strata repairs, which can include ‘leaky condo’ restorations, townhouse repairs, and maintenance programs.

Our Building Envelope Restorations include working with engineering partners to manage and complete the restoration of your building envelope to current BC Building Code standards. We can provide product selection and design input to create the most value to your investment.

As well, our Building Envelope Assessment & Reporting includes everything from leak investigations to envelope condition assessments, helping to uncover the cause of the envelope failure before offering the appropriate solution.

At Kallio Restoration, we care about the details, ensuring our services as a BC Housing Envelope Renovator to create value for building owners – aiming to create long lasting relationships.

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