Assessing and Address Your Residential Rot Repair in BC

Residential rot repair in BC is a serious concern for many homeowners; from strata property owners to single-family homes, as well as businesses. Our wet climate can lead to structural rot, and it is something that needs to be addressed swiftly to manage.

How to Fix Rotting Lumber

Finding wood rot early will often allow a professional to seal and fix the problem, avoiding further damage. Wood putty is one way that wood rot can be addressed, but this is often a short-term solution that will tackle minor repairs.

More serious concerns will require structural replacements in areas the wood has rotted. From beams to walls, floors to ceilings – or any other areas wood may have deteriorated.

Properly sanding and sealing wood is important for preventing rot from happening. As well, the proper type of sealant for specific wood and various climates is also important when addressing residential rot repair in BC

Residential Rot Repair in BC: Understanding How Wood Rot Can Occur

Residential Rot Repair in BC

As addressed in out blog post – BC Building Concerns: How to Address Condensation in Your Building

Where Does Condensation Come From?

Moist air is a common culprit for condensation. When moist air comes in contact with lower temperatures, it causes humidity leading to condensation. Over time, condensation inside your space can lead to interior and structural damage. Both drywall and wood can absorb the moisture and end up rotting, making your living environment unsafe.

– Kallio Restoration

Left unaddressed, condensation can lead to:

  • Drywall rot
  • Wood decay
  • Steel framing corrosion
  • Insulation Damage
  • Mold and Mildew

The Importance of Hiring a Professional for Residential Rot Repair in BC

Structural repairs from moisture ingress can vary from slightly deteriorated plywood to completely failed posts and beams. At Kallio Restoration, our crews are experienced at safely restoring the structure of your building.

Correct methods for repairing rot requires the appropriate assessment and care. Missing key structural pieces of wood, which may have suffered damage, will put your property at risk. Having the job done right the first time is imperative to safety and cost effectiveness.

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