4-Steps to Managing a Building Envelope Restoration

Kallio Restoration understands that Managing a Building Envelope Restoration matters. Whether managing the safety of the tenants, the investment of the homeowners, or peace of mind for the strata council – these are all important factors that we seek to help manage.

These 4-steps to managing a building envelope restoration will provide insight into how the process works. As well, it will help keep everyone involved – informed.

Step-1 in Managing a Building Envelope Restoration: Assess the Problem

The strata council and the property manager will play a role in reporting any problems the building envelope has and organize repairs.

After this is complete, a property assessment will be arranged, and owners will be informed. This all will take place before an overall meeting is held.

How and when the property owners are informed will depend on if the situation is an emergency, or if the process is part of routine maintenance.

Step-2: Develop a Solution

After the building envelope has been assessed by a professional, the strata council will make a decision on finalizing repairs. These includes:

  • Financing Details
  • Legal Counsel as Needed
  • Homeowner Meeting

Step-3: Employ a Solution

Hiring the right contractor is the next phase in tackling a building envelope restoration. Because each homeowner will have money invested in the project via their strata fees, they will understandably want to see lasting results. As such, the winning contract needs to be employed via a contractor with the right criteria and reputation for the job.

Step-4: Routine Maintenance

As mentioned in our post The Importance and Impact of Building Envelope Maintenance:

A building envelope requires regular inspections and maintenance to ensure the structure and sound nature of all its parts. These structural parts include but are not limited to

The Roof and Overhangs

Residential Windows and Exterior Doors

Sealant, Cladding and Exhaust Ducts

The Foundation

Decks and Balconies

External Paint and Protective Wood Stain on Exposed Wood

Kallio Restoration is proud to offer Complete Building Envelope Restoration across the Lower Mainland. We work with engineering partners to manage and complete the restoration of building envelopes to current BC Building Code standards. We specialize in the exterior restorations, repairs and maintenance of multi-family Strata units in Richmond, Burnaby, Vancouver, Langley, Surrey, White Rock – and the surrounding communities.

We would be happy to provide you with a FREE QUOTE for all your Building Envelope Restoration and maintenance needs. We look forward to protecting the investment of homeowners throughout Metro Vancouver.