What is a Building Envelope and Why Should Your Strata be Aware of It?

At Kallio Restoration, we seek to ensure that our services as a BC Housing Envelope Renovator not only creates value for building owners, but also adheres to the regulations of their strata.

As such, knowing what a building envelope is and why it matters to your strata is important.

Building Envelope Explained

A building envelope includes all the building components that separate the indoors from the outdoors, including the exterior walls, foundations, roof, windows and doors.

As discussed in our blog ‘The Importance and Impact of Building Envelope Maintenance’

Keeping up with building envelope inspections and maintenance plays an important role in the upkeep and security of your Strata property. Not only does it help reduce costs over time, but it can also alleviate undo stress due to unexpected structural failures from a lack of maintenance.

A great way to ensure your building envelope is regularly maintained as needed, is by implementing a building envelope maintenance and renewal program. This will help to prevent any costly and unexpected emergency repairs, as well as give Strata’s the opportunity to build a contingency fund for future maintenance and repairs.

In addition, it will help to protect your building’s assets and the owner’s investment in whichever strata property they have bought into across the Lower Mainland.

Some maintenance guides suggest the exterior of a building does not require too much attention in the early years, but failure to oversee a building envelope in the costal climate of BC can lead to leaky structures. Such wet weather makes it important to start the first year of occupancy, continuing annually with inspections conducted by an experienced professional.

Hiring a Building Envelope Restoration Company in Metro Vancouver

At Kallio Restoration, we work with engineering partners to manage and complete the restoration of your building envelope to current BC Building Code standards. We are here to help from the onset of your strata property, managing and maintaining your building envelope to avoid crisis repairs.

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