The Importance of Hiring the Right Siding Company in the Fraser Valley

Hiring the right siding company in the Fraser Valley can mean the difference between a costly temporary fix, and a longstanding solutions. As a longstanding siding company in the Fraser Valley, Owner Mika Kutvonen’s began his construction career started in 2001. And as discuss on our About page… As a Bachelor of Business graduate, Mika identified a need for quality contractors that operate with a great deal of professionalism and customer service. He also recognized a need for improved workmanship, transparency, and education for Strata Owners. Whether managing your Rot Repair in the Lower Mainland or Siding Installations in Metro

Strata Siding Replacement & Rot Repairs in the Lower Mainland

Beyond siding replacement – as we talked about in our last blog post; rot repairs in the Lower Mainland is also an important measure to take for a strata property. Tailoring your strata buildings repairs this way can help offset large expenses, and give you the opportunity to gradually improve the exterior as needed. Rot Repairs in the Lower Mainland As mentioned on our services page regarding rot repairs… Structural repairs from moisture ingress can vary from slightly deteriorated plywood to completely failed posts and beams. Our crews are experienced at safely restoring the structure of your building. Structural engineering partners

The Added Value of Siding Installations in Metro Vancouver

Siding installations in Metro Vancouver, along with siding repairs and even partial replacements, can increase the value of a strata property or business in multiple ways. Not only can it increase the financial aspect, but also adds to the value of having a safe space that owners or employees can rely on. Safeguarding against something like ‘the leaky condo crisis’ – which occurred around 2-decades ago, is something no one would want to happen again. It displaced many Lower Mainland residents and cost a fortune in restoration. Proper siding installations and replacements can help mitigate that, while improving a structures

Fraser Valley Siding Replacement: Enhance Your Property’s Ventilation & Insulation

Our Fraser Valley Siding Replacement services are commonly called upon for strata property building owners. Whether due to an aging structure, the elements taking a toll, or multiple other factors – it is a timely necessity for buildings across the Lower Mainland. However, beyond aesthetics and safety repair concerns, there are also benefits to replacing a structure’s siding. These include, but are not limited to – optimal ventilation and insulation results, as well as waterproofing. Enhance Your Property’s Ventilation & Insulation Through Siding Replacement Waterproofing tops the list when it comes to siding replacement across the Lower Mainland. However, a

Remediation in the Lower Mainland: Strata Housing Condition Control

Strata housing condition control is an important measure taken into consideration for strata properties across BC. With strict guidelines and policies in place to keep building’s safe; swift remediation in the Lower Mainland is imperative to keeping occupants living comfortably and avoiding a costly crisis. As a fully licensed and insured HPO building envelope renovation contractor, we carry five million Commercial General Liability (CGL) WorkSafe coverage, and are an approved Home Warranty provider. We believe that the most successful projects are completed as a team effort between all stakeholders, including contractor, engineers, strata council, and residents – regardless of the

The Importance of Hiring a Building Envelope Consultant in the Lower Mainland

Whether you oversee a strata property, or are a business property owner; the Importance of a Building Envelope Consultant in the Lower Mainland rings true for the structural integrity checks for either building. As recently discussed in our blog post – ‘Why Building Membrane Maintenance in the Lower Mainland Matters’ Understanding which maintenance concerns to be on the lookout for can be overwhelming. However, these types of things can be effectively assessed by a building envelope consultant, such as ourselves, who are there to make sure potential concerns are addressed. Building Envelope Consultant in the Lower Mainland Although safety maintenance

The Costly Error in Putting Off Siding Replacement in the Lower Mainland

As a siding removal and replacement company, Kallio Restoration has been helping strata properties manage the quality and safety of their exterior space for nearly 2-decades. Because siding is the first line of defence against the wet weather here in the Lower Mainland, it is an imperative part of a building’s envelope. Not only does siding protect a structure from the elements, but it also helps to manage energy costs, curbside appeal and overall value. Avoiding maintaining structural siding will lead to replacement needs. And avoiding replacement needs can come at the cost of exterior and interior structural repair requirements. All of

Balcony Membrane Replacement in Metro Vancouver

Balcony Membrane Replacement in Metro Vancouver is one of the areas Kallio Restoration helps strata buildings maintain their structure. As shown in this membrane replacement project – with 60Mil PVC membrane, new face-mounted aluminum railings, and new aluminum gutters and down spouts. It is a vital part of maintenance for structures. One which we’re here to help oversee and address as needed. Balcony Membrane Replacement in Metro Vancouver Strata property managers have an overwhelming task to maintain and manage residential condos or townhouses that they oversee. It is their responsibility to ensure the structural safety and integrity of the building;

Why Treating Your Building Envelope in Vancouver as a ‘Complete System’ Matters

There are many reasons why treating your building envelope in Vancouver, and the surrounding communities, as a complete system matters. Whether you’re a strata owner or a building manager in charge of keeping a structure in optimal condition, Kallio Restoration has been ensuring structural integrity for over 20-years. We are well-versed in how each part of a building operates, and want to offer some insight to our reading audience. Understanding the Complete System of a Building Envelope in Vancouver First of all, what is a building envelope? Some might think it is the entire structure – including the walls, roof,

The Benefits of Targeted Repairs for Strata Buildings in Metro Vancouver

There are a multitude of benefits when it comes to targeted repairs for strata buildings in Metro Vancouver. Whether managing  your siding replacement, deck restoration, metal flashing, roofing, railings, membranes, windows, doors – or other pertinent exterior maintenance and repairs, Kallio can help. Targeted Repairs for Strata Buildings in Metro Vancouver As mentioned on our Services Page… Kallio Restoration is a building envelope restoration contractor servicing Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. We specialize in the exterior restoration, repair and maintenance of multi-family Strata units.  Such Targeted Repairs for Strata Buildings in Metro Vancouver include… Complete Building Envelope Restoration We work with